Spicy Library Patron

This ripoff promotes some of the qualities of intelligent patronship that are perceived as masculine.  It’s funny, too.


Weapon of Choice

Karma, AKA Xi’an Coy Manh (Marvel)

Xi’an (or Shan) is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe (closely behind bitchy Emma Frost and virtuous Kitty Pryde, who should be a librarian, btw). Besides working as a librarian (notably, the University of Chicago), she is also one of the very few out lesbians in comics. A founding member of the New Mutants, she came to the US as a Vietnamese refugee, in the process witnessing her father’s and mother’s murders and herself surviving rape. She was left alone to fight her evil twin brother and raise her younger siblings but oh-ho, dear readers, she is not alone! She is an X-Man!!  As a mutant, Karma can possess people’s minds and make them do pretty much whatever she wants them to. Which pretty much rules.

She’s gone through a lot of different looks through the years. First Karma looked old:

Then she looked like she was 23 and was into beer and random ladies:

Yes, that is totally a naked lady in her bed.

After the compulsory college-lesbian stint of working at the university library and dying her hair pink, Shan came back to the X-Men and headed up the libraries at the X-Mansion. I’m not really sure how she manages multiple libraries AND goes on world-saving missions: Willing suspension of disbelief, my friends. Willing suspension of disbelief.

Barbara Gordon, AKA Oracle (DC)

I never really got into DC comics as a kid. I was a Marvel girl. I totally would have shirked off the gritty streets of Gotham for the bright spandex of New York or San Francisco any day. That is, until I read Birds of Prey. I had to check it out because, hey, it was a group composed entirely of lady superheroes. Their leader, Barbara Gordon, is known as Oracle and is probably the most brilliant good-guy in the DC Universe. She is also a librarian! Story goes, Barbara used to be Batgirl until she was shot and paralyzed by the Joker. Though now in a wheelchair, she leads a team from behind her massive computer and gigantic brain. Basically, Barbara serves as the information hub for Gotham’s superhero elite. I personally like it when she wears a headset. Now that’s some nice techie-librarian styles.

Yes, ALA, Librarians ARE heroes every day! In fact, I believe more than one student has told me that before, and technically I’ve only been a librarian for about six months. And as Barbara Gordon teaches us, we can also be vigilantes and kick ass.

The Librarians (TV series)


Has anyone seen this?  Apparently, The Librarians is an Australian television show that sounds a lot like The Office, only in a public library rather than in a paper distributor. The DVDs are Region 4, so no chance of this coming to Netflix. Does anyone have access to this? I’d love to check it out… Here are some choice quotes from the website:

“I run a public library. You don’t think I see the misfits and idiots that come through that system?”

“This library generates more bad publicity than a crack den.”


As I am typing this post my boyfriend is destroying the stacks of the New York Public Library with his Photon Wand. Any minute now an Ethereo-Spatial Rift (a portal to an alternate dimension) will open up in the middle of the reading room, leading to Eleanor Twitty’s murderer. Eleanor Twitty, former head-librarian and current library spook, appeared in the first Ghostbusters movie terrifying children everywhere with her shushing and banshee-like scream. The “Grey Lady” has returned in the new GhostBusters video game to seek revenge on the man who killed her and she is creepier than ever. The game devotes an entire “level” to the Eleanor Twitty mystery and it is awesome! As a Ghostbuster cadet you have the opportunity to explore several floors of the New York Public Library, including a nightmarish children’s library with haunted puppet theater and whispering ghost children and an archive room stacked with boxes, while hunting Twitty ,as she glides through the stacks. The game is beautifully designed and full of minute details like Read posters on the walls and book conveyor belts in the basement.

I must admit, blasting the books off of the shelves does look kind of fun–especially since I know I wont be the one who has to re-shelve them. Don’t forget to ShockBlast the book-bats on the way out.


Eugene the Librarian

candiseOMG. What can I say about this? Eugene the Librarian on Britain’s Got Talent. Okay, so right off I was like, what the hell, this has to be a joke. There is no way this guy is real. He is the SUPER stereotypical Guybrarian, but to such an extreme that it seems like he is not a real person, but a parody of a British academic librarian: Awkward, giant glasses, walks like he has a stick up his butt, diggin’ on poetry and sweater vests. But for some reason, I kinda want to be best friends with him. He takes that poetic recluse image and uses it to get some laughs – and what’s so wrong with that?